Community Welcoming Team Training

Dodds Hall at the First Presbyterian Church

Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 2PM - 4PM

The Community Welcoming Team is holding our “Community Welcoming Team Training” again! It will be held in Dodds Hall at the First Presbyterian Church. (If you come in through the small green door on Court St and down the stairs it is ahead on your left). This is a repeat of the large group training that we did in January at the First Presbyterian Church and the first step in working with the Community Welcoming Team. Please see below for other training requirements.

  • If you are interested in working with the Community Welcoming Team and did not attend the previously, please mark this training on your calendars!
  • For more information of what exactly the Community Welcoming Team’s roles are please see pages 18-20 of the Volunteer Packet.
Please also RSVP to to confirm your attendance (or to double check if you have/haven’t attended this training yet).

Training Requirements for Community Welcoming Team (CWT) members:

  1. All CWT volunteers: Community Welcoming Team Training ****THE MAY 13th TRAINING*** (Led by Training and Support)
  2. Conversational Interviews (Led by Training and Support-next round to be scheduled between May 15-26)
  3. Background checks for those who will have privileged information or specific access to refugee families (DMV check extra and necessary if you anticipate driving) (Through working group leaders)
  4. Cultural Orientation Group: Cultural Orientation Training (introductory and ongoing)
  5. Interpreters: Interpreter training