Current Needs

IWR is looking to fill the position of Board Treasurer. IWR has historically been a volunteer-run organization. In addition to providing advices to the Board, Treasure has been handling some of the back office tasks, in addition to assisting and overseeing the work by volunteers. We expect the Treasurer to take on some of the key administrative tasks as listed below, as well as contribute to providing pathways for IWR to become operationally sustainable, potentially by helping onboard new volunteers and working with vendors. Treasurer will work closely with the Board, (recently hired) IWR coordinator, and the Play School director.


Expectations for this role:

  • Advise the IWR board on operation and initiatives with a financial perspective
  • Review the budget of IWR and Global Roots Play School
  • Oversee bookkeeping and financials
  • Handle transactions, such as paying bills
  • Work with the board or an accountant to file taxes
  • Upkeep insurance
  • Potentially assist payrolls
  • This is an unpaid, volunteer position. We expect the time commitment to be a few hours a week. We are seeking to onboard a new Treasurer immediately
  • The position is remote, and will work with the IWR Board, and the directors of IWR and Global Roots Play School

Required skills:

  • Ability to work independently and carry on hands-on back office tasks
  • Knowledge of accounting and finance
  • Budgeting and bookkeeping experiences are helpful
  • QuickBooks experience is a plus
  • Good communications

We welcome individuals who are passionate about helping refugees in the area to join the IWR board team. Please submit a resume and a cover letter describing your interest and relevant experience to Board Chair here. We look forward to hearing from you.


Global Roots Play School Needs

Check out our Amazon Wish List to see our current needs. If you have used items that are equivalent to what is listed, please contact directly.

General Needs

We currently have families in IMMEDIATE/URGENT need of following items:
  • New or “like new” child’s seat for a bicycle.

If you are able to donate any of these items, please contact  Please inquire before purchasing new items.  Many thanks!

Community Welcoming Team Leader

Ithaca Welcomes Refugees is seeking a committed volunteer to serve as Community Welcoming Team Leader. The Community Welcoming Team Leader coordinates IWR’s post-arrival direct services with recently arrived refugee individuals/families or at-risk immigrants.  The CWT Team Leader oversees Response Projects, which are supportive activities tailored to the needs of individuals/families.  The CWT Team Leader role includes:

  • Head of the Community Welcoming Team Leadership Group – including Response Team Coordinators, Volunteer Coordinator, Referral Specialist, Interpreter Coordinator, and Drivers Lead.
  • Organizes regular meetings of the Leadership Group.
  • Recruits, trains, and supports Response Team Coordinators.
  • Works with the Volunteer Coordinator to identify, interview, train, and match volunteers to individuals/families in need of support.
  • Organizes Response Project volunteer orientation meetings.
  • Meets regularly with other Direct Service Team Leaders (Resettlement Support Team which provides basic needs support and Global Roots Play School director) to coordinate services for shared families.
  • Oversees allocation and distribution of emergency financial support for families being served through Response Projects.
  • Handles Response Project volunteer appreciation activities.

Development Leader

IWR is seeking a volunteer to serve on the Board as Development Leader. The Development Leader will guide the IWR fundraising strategy, plan mail and web campaigns, ensure the effectiveness of fundraising events, and handle grant research and development for programs.  The volunteer should have significant professional or volunteer experience with successful fundraising campaigns, activities, and/or grant proposals.  


Response Team Coordinators

Ithaca Welcomes Refugees is seeking volunteers with a background in social work or a similar social services profession to serve as Response Teams Coordinators. Response Coordinators lead small teams of volunteers for direct services with recently arrived refugee individuals/families or at-risk immigrants, offering support based on close consultation with the family. Coordinators are part of the Community Welcoming Team Leadership which includes:

  • Community Welcoming Team Leader- Team facilitator and support for Coordinators.
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Works to identify and match volunteers with individuals/families being served.
  • Referral Specialist- Helps connect individuals/families to other resources and sources of support in the community for needs beyond the scope of IWR services.

Role description:

  • Meets with the individual/family for a welcoming/assessment meeting to discuss strengths and needs, with an interpreter.
  • Leads a Response Team of volunteers who commit to work with the family over a 6 month period on supportive action plans.
  • Works with the Referral Specialist to identify and connect individuals/families to other services.
  • Monitors Response Teams activities to be sure action steps are being taken, while being sensitive to family needs, strengths, availability, and empowerment.
  • Offers ongoing support to Team volunteers, and participates in training and appreciation events for new volunteers.

***If you feel your background and experience would make you a good fit for one of the above roles, please contact, naming the role in the subject line.  Thanks for your interest and commitment to IWR’s mission!***