Are you interested helping out with a particular event? Joining a team? Offering up your talents or services? We’d love your help!

Please be sure to check out our Current Needs page where we surface the most critical needs and roles we are looking to fill–we’ve just posted some new roles!

Step 1 – Volunteer Information Packet

Please read through our in-depth volunteer information packet to learn about our organization structure and the various roles and responsibilities.


Step 2 – Attend Orientation

We hope you will consider joining our fantastic, diverse team of volunteers. To join, you must attend an initial orientation meeting. Orientations will be held at the First Presbyterian Church on the the corner of Cayuga Street and Court Street.

Join us for Orientation to learn about IWR, our mission, Teams and Open Roles.

Please email ithacawelcomesrefugees@gmail.com to learn more.

Thank you for your partnership with IWR in creating a fair and welcoming environment for all. We look forward to continuing our work with such an amazing community of people!