• Map: 10,000 Syrian refugees have officially been settled in the US

    The New York Times gives a report in response to the White House’s announcement that the US has met its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees. The maps featured in the link show statistics and demographics of areas where Syrians have been resettled over time.

  • Infographic: USCRI Overview

    Get the facts from the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. They’ve put together a helpful infographic that gives background and context to the issues refugees face and also highlights what we can do to welcome them.

  • Resettlement Process

    Learn more about the steps someone seeking refugee status encounters while resettling to the United States:

  • The Screening Process

    Check out the White House’s infographic that explains the extensive screening process refugees pass through before coming to the US

  • Welcome America

    Find out what a Welcoming City is and why we aspire to be one. Welcoming America’s website shares its strategies, the benefits of welcoming communities, and stories of impact.

  • US State Department Facts & Myths

    ​The State Department shares a list of myths and facts surrounding security issues and refugees. This link was removed by the current administration, but please click here for a PDF from the archives of the State Department. The facts have not changed.