Food Resources in Ithaca: A Guide for Immigrants and International Newcomers

IWR is delighted to share our publication, Food Resources in Ithaca: A Guide for Immigrants and International Newcomers!

The guide is intended to help those new to the community identify and make use of the City’s fantastic food-related assets. Using colorful visuals and simple text, the guide provides information on seasonal foods, places to shop, safety nets, local production, ordering in

a restaurant, key vocabulary, and more. To create relevant content and an accessible and attractive design, we worked closely for many months with Sidekick Studios, TST BOCES Adult ESL program, and many members of the refugee and immigrant community.

We are so proud of the final product and look forward to translating it into other languages commonly spoken among new arrivals in Ithaca. Please share with your newest neighbors!

The guide was made possible by a small grant from the U.S. Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminars (Alumni TIES). This program is funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered by World Learning. The Alumni TIES program has previously featured blog posts on the creation and launch of the guide. Many thanks to all of the volunteers and partners who supported its development!

Print copies are available on request.

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What We Are Thankful For

Thank You from IWR

In these times which can seem so troubled, it is a rare opportunity to stop and reflect with gratitude.  As we look back, we are thankful for…
  • The new Ithacans we have gotten to know this year, coming from homes far away, bringing with them resilience and smiles;
  • The little children of Global Roots Play School who have become fast friends, and their parents who have put their trust in our teachers, in order to pursue a new opportunity to learn;
  • The worker bees who have tirelessly gathered, moved, folded, organized, hustled, cooked, cleaned, decorated, and welcomed families into new homes and a new school;
  • The partners who have stepped up, reached out, given space, and collaborated in building a welcoming community;
  • The teachers who provided guidance to new arrivals on how to navigate this community and connect to its many resources, while extending the hand of friendship;
  • The folks “backstage” who answered the emails, created the systems, cut the checks, and balanced the books;
  • The talented artists who have sung, designed, written stories, and shared their films, in support of refugees on their journey to find home;
  • The advocates who have spoken out, made calls, marched, stood up for the 65 million forcibly displaced;
  • The connectors who have brought people together – volunteer to volunteer, friend to friend – building up IWR as a growing organization of interconnected humans. 
And we are grateful for you…hundreds of you…who have read these updates, showed up a events, given a donation, put out a good word, and raised a flag of WELCOME whenever you could.   

Thank you!

Can you guess what next Tuesday is?

Psst! Guess what? Next Tuesday is #GivingTuesday, the global day of giving.

Why? Because we have a day for giving thanks, two(!) days for getting deals, and now, a dedicated day to give back. This year, Ithaca Welcomes Refugees is participating in #GivingTuesday and we would be honored if you chose us as one of your organizations to support.

Mark Your Calendar

Thanks to dedicated volunteers and supporters like you, we’re able to create a more warm and welcoming community to refugees and immigrants in need. Your support means we can provide more childcare to parents learning English, more apartment and basic needs support, and more education on refugee and immigrant issues.

All the best,
Your IWR Board